Now we are going to see how to make stamp size photo in Photoshop. By following this technique you can easily create a stamp size photo to any one of your family members, friends or relatives.Initially I  will show how to set 16 photos in one maxi by doing this we can get 16 stamp size photoswith one maxi size photo and printing cost is less than 10 rupees so it is not a big matter. Just you need a little bit Photoshop knowledge and we can use any version of Photoshop. Start following step by step procedure as shown below
Step 1: Open the photoshop and go to File -> New 
Give width 6 inches, height 4 inches and resolution 300 Pixels/inch

Step 2: Now take a photo which you want to create stamp size. Width : 1.5cm, height : 2.0cm Resolution 300px

stamp size photo

Step 3: Take the crop tool (Shortcut CTRL + c ) and crop the pic.

Step 4: Now drag the stamp size pic into maxi size image and arrange as 4 rows and 8 columns = 16pics

Step 5: Finally save as .jpg format 

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  1. You do realise that you can not use a computer generated photo for passport or other photo ID, the pixellation and a few other factors show and they will be refused. In using this one editor and now i try to do what i just read here @-)

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