Installing XenServer 6 on VMware workstation 9 and creating a local ISO storage repository in windows is very simple. I enjoyed a lot while creating my own virtualization home lab in my laptop :) and it was very helpful while executing my final and internship project. The main advantage of home lab is you can easily practice and do experiments without investing any money. I have not purchased any extra ram or hard disk for creating lab, everything is done by with my lappy. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 3520 and its configuration is 4 GB ram, 500 GB hard disk, i3 processor and operating system is Windows 8 x32 bit.

I'm covering the below topics in step by step
  • Installation of XenServer 6 on VMware workstation 9 in windows 8
  • How to download the xencenter and add a server through xencenter
  • How to create a local storage repository
Installation of XenServer 6 on VMware workstation 9 in windows 8

Step 1: Run the VMware workstation and go to file click on the new virtual machine or you can also directly click on create a new virtual machine option at VMware workstation home page.

Vmware Workstation home Screen

Step 2: A new VM wizard will opens select the typical and click the next button here we can install xenserver using installation disc or iso image. So im using the iso image of xenserver 6.0 click on the browse button select the exact path of iso image and click next.

Step 3: Now select the guest operating system. I’m selecting the linux and version other linux 2.6.x kernel 64 bit because xenserver is 64-bit based on linux kernel.

Step 4: Give the Virtual machine name and location.

Step 5: Specify the hard disk space minimum 10 GB and select the store virtual disk as a single file then click the next button.

Step 6: Click on customize hardware here you can customize the RAM size etc.

Step 7: Click the finish button and power on this virtual machine.

Step 8: Double click on the screen and press enter.

Step 9: Select the keymap don’t be confuse keymap means keyboard layout.

Step 10: Click the ok button.

Step 11: Accept the citrix license agreement.

Step 12: Click ok.

Step 13: Again click ok.

Step 14: Select the installation source Local Media

Step 15: If you want to install supplemental packs click yes otherwise click no.

Step 16: Select the Skip Verification

Step 17: Give the password and it is mandatory to remember the password because it is used when connecting to xenserver host from xencenter.

Step 18: Here you can set the IPaddress static or dynamically using automatic onfiguration (DHCP).

Step 19: Provide the xenserver host name and configure dns settings. If you don’t want to set manually please select the automatically set via DHCP.

Step 20: Select the time zone 2 times and press Ok.

Step 21: Set the system time by selecting the manual time entry.

Step 22: Click on the install xenserver now installation begins.

Step 23: Before completing the installation it ask for to set the local time, enter the date and time correctly then click ok.

Step 24: Successfully installation finished and remove the ISO image then press enter to reboot.

Step 25: XenServer Home Screen

XenServer Home Screen

How to download the xencenter and add a server through xencenter

1) To download the xencenter open the browser and type the IP address of xenserver shown at home screen. For example:

2) Click on the xencenter installer download it and install.

Note: you can also download the xencenter from citrix official website.

3) Open the XenCenter and click on ADD a server

4) Enter the IP address, password and user name is root by default then click on Add button that's it.

How to create a local storage repository

1) Local storage repository is also called as SR and it is used to store the ISO files. First create a folder in C drive with name isolib then right click on it. Select Share with-> Specific people

 2) Select everyone and click share.

3) Click share.

4) Here you can find the path. For example: \\FARUK\isolib click done.

5) Now click on the New Storage

6) Select the WIndows File Sharing(CIFS) type then click next button

7) Give name for storage repository

8) Enter the share path of CIFS storage. Tick on the use different user name. Provide the user name and password of your system

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