MySQL Workbench is a visual database designing tool that integrates sql administration, sql development and database modeling. It is available on windows, Linux and mac os that means you can use MySQL document work on any of this platform and can use this unified integrated development environment for your MySQL database system. You can download MySQL workbench for free from the URL “https://www.mysqlcom/products/workbench”. MySQL workbench installation pretty straight forward.

In MySQL Workbench under navigator session we have two important things 1. Data export 2. Data import. I will explain in detail with the help of screenshots.

Backup Single Database with MySQL Workbench

Here we are in MySQL workbench double click on connection and enter the password. It opens a screen it shows in left side navigator option data export and data import. 

First open data export it bring administrator screen where we can do data export in left side you can see all the database exists on the server. First we have to learn how can take backup of single database. Hence click on Sakila here are few options u can learn them later. Over here we have to specify the file were we are going to export the data from sakila database we will give a path to c:\backup folder in mysql bench right after that we enter the name of the file sakilabackup.sql .

Click on start export it will bring to second step of export process it shows status export completed they are 23 different objects which are exported successfully under ,ow up we can see various messages if u know the technology my used to take backup enter base u can just look at mysqldump.exe defaults and various options also  to take backup u have already learn in earlier module now u can see that mysql also use mysql dump to take back of database.

Backup Multiple Database with MySQL Workbench

In reality most of the time we take backup of multiple database. lets see how we can export schema and data of multiple database with the help of MySQL Workbench. Go to MySQL workbench and click on  data export under navigator pane. Select three databases now lets provide file name and location for data export.

Backup Individual Tables with MySQL Workbench

Some times we don't need backup of complete tables in database we need only one or more tables. If you want to take using command prompt it little bit complicated using workbench the same task becomes very easy. Lets see that how we can achieve that with the help of workbench. Select the database and click on the name of the database on the right side it displays all the tables exists in this database. Here we can select table and take backup.

Restore Database from Single File with MySQL Workbench

So far we have learn how to export database objects and data. Now we will see how to restore database objects and data from the dump files. Lets go to mysql workbench then click on data import/restore under navigator it will bring a screen Import from disk now select the Import from self-contained file and select the dump location of the database then click open and click on start import.


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