Hai frnds, today im showing how to make passport size photo or 8 passport size photos in single maxi easily in photoshop. By using this procedure we can get 8 passport size photos just for 5 or 6 rupees by taking this maxi to photo studio then take a print and cut it in 8 pieces. Here we can use any version of photoshop like 7.0,cs,cs1,2,3,4,5,6. I'am sure that every one should easily understand this tutorial. Get ready with your are photoshop and image.

About Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a famous professional photo editing software that can be used by experts and web designers for designing greeting cards, wedding cards, banners, invitations, movie titles and we can also do image manipulations like cropping the pictures, applying effects, changing colours, making gif animations etc. It has so many things like blending options, brushes, styles, shapes etc. Using this we can create our own desktop and mobile screen backgrounds. In latest version photoshop having different inbuild screen sizes and also providing various document sizes like A4, A3, legal etc. The main advantage of photoshop is we can edit any image as you like and very easy to do any modifications.

Photoshop is more usefull for photographers. Photoshop contains the wide range of tools, effects, filters and third party plugins by using this photographers can easily edit there images. For example if you want to change background of the image we can do it using photoshop with in small amount of time very effectively. It has very easy user interface. We can install photoshop on different platforms like mac, linux and windows.

Photoshop Requirements

Before installing photoshop we have to keep one thing in your mind. Photoshop is so powerful it requires good working environment to run the photoshop application. I would recommended to have at least 128mb of Ram for Adobe Photoshop 7.  If you are using latest version photoshop then the ram should be more.
Step by Step Procedure :

1) First of all take a nice photo and open it with photoshop or go to file click on the open and browse your image.

2) Press ctrl+c (means crop) and give size 1.35 inch width and 1.75 inch height, resolution should be 300 pixels/inch.

3) Select the image crop the image now your passport size image is ready.

4) Goto edit option, click the stroke and give width 2 px, colour black then click ok.

5) Now open new document size should be 6 inch width and 4 inch height,  resolution should be 300 pixels/inch.

6) Then make 8 copies of above passport size photo with (ctrl+j) layer copy.

7) Arrange the 8 copies in 2 rows and 4 colums. 

8) Go to file click on the Save As  or use CTRL + SHIFT + S and save it as .jpg format then give quality 12 and click the ok button.

9) Finally we will get the above maxi size screenshot. Enjoy..

Watch Video Demo

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