While executing the show binary logs command i got one error message “Error Code: 1381. You are not using binary logging”. To fix this you can simply add the “log-bin=mysql-bin” text in your my.ini file. But the main problem is finding the location of my.ini configuration file ”. I searched a lot but found different solutions due to this i totally confused. Finally did some analysis and fixed the error. I checked my solution in my pc(Windows 7), laptop(Win 8)worked fine. So that i decided to share with you along with video demo. This is the exact solution those who are getting this issue. Just by following the below procedure you can easily fix it.

Step 1: Open Run and type services.msc

Step 2: Select mysql55 service (Service name is depends upon the MySQL server version) and double click on it. Now we can see the text “path to executable:” there we can find the exact location of the my.ini file. The path is different from one operating system to another.  Look the below screenshot to get the clear idea.

Step 3: By default ProgramData is in hidden so again go to run and type control folders click view and tick the show hidden files option.

Step 4: Open the my.ini file and add “log-bin=mysql-bin” below the [mysqld].

Step 5: Restart the Service. Go and check now your issue is fixed.


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