Hai guys now i'm going to teach how to fix VT-x is not available. When you are installing any x64 bit guest operating system on vmware workstation or virtual box which is installed in x32 bit host operating system it alerts the following errors.

Error message in VMware Workstation 

Error message in Virtual Box

I faced these problems while installing xenserver on VMware workstation and i also get ‘VT-x is not available’ while starting the VM. So I decided to get rid of these errors. I have done only one change in BIOS settings that’s it my all problems are solved.

Read the below points carefully to fix your errors. To have a clear idea i’m explaining some basic terminology.

Virtualization : Virtualization is nothing but installing and running the multiple operating systems in a single physical system simultaneously is called as virtualization. 

Server Virtualization : Simply we can say installing and running the multiple servers in a single physical system simultaneously  is known as server virtualization.

Examples of Virtualization Softwares :

1) Xenserver.
2) Vmware esx or Vmware esxi
3) Hyper-V.
4) VirtualBox.
5) Vmware Workstation.
6) Virtual PC.
      Before starting the installation we have to keep some points in mind

Note 1 : Those who want to install 64bit guest operating system in 32bit host operating system, your pc or laptop should have VT means virtualization technology. Most of the latest intel (VT-x) and amd (AMD-V) processors contains virtualization support. First check it in google whether your processor has VT or not.

Note 2 : Microsoft providing open source hardware assisted virtualization detection tool. Copy the url
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=592  paste it in address bar. Download and install it. Run the software and check whether your PC supports virtualization or not.

Note 3 : If your system contains virtualization technology go to bios settings and enable it.

Note 4 : Your virtual machine RAM should not exceed the actual RAM size check it once.

Guest os : Guest os means which is installing on virtual box. Guest os is also called VM (Virtual Machine).

Host os : Host os means our main or base operating system.

Procedure to enable VT in BIOS:

First go to BIOS and check whether VT-x or Virtualization disabled/enabled.

Start PC or Laptop, at startup you should press DEL or F2 (or something depending upon your company) to get the BIOS settings. There you will find an option to enable VT-technology (or something depends upon PC or laptop company). 

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