Hai everyone now iam going to show how to check version of installed internet explorer, firefox and chrome. Most of the web developers suffers from cross browser issues. Due to cross browser issues web applications will run different from one browsers to another browsers. Some times it may cause due to different browser versions, most of this version issues get from IE browser. So knowing browser version is very help to web developers, ui developers and web designers. Running the web application perfectly on cross browser is the challenge for developers. So it is very important to find browser version when ever we get issues. Finding browser version is not a lengthy process we can easily do it and remember it.

How to Check IE Version

First open the internet explorer then go to the right top corner and click at the wheel like symbol know as tools or simply use the shortcut Alt+x and click About Internet Explorer.

About Internet Explorer

The Microsoft providing a build in browser called as internet explorer(IE) also known as Microsoft internet explorer(MSIE). We no need to install it comes along with windows operating system. Microsoft ie has more competition from firefox and chrome, the current versions of IE looks very good when compared to previous version. Though we have firefox and chrome but most of them till using internet explorer because the popularity of IE.

How to check chrome version

First run the google chrome browser then go to the right top corner and click the three lines icon below the close button of the window and click the About Google Chrome.

About Chrome

Google Chrome is also a free web browser. The great thing about this browser is developed by the great search engine Google. It loads very speed and the main thing is that the chrome developers designed to be fast in all cases. It runs very fastly at startup, the main window of chrome browser is clean and very simple. The main thing is security it protects malwares from web and has various features like privacy control, customization and signing In using this we can access all google services with single sign in. The look and feel of the google chrome is very impressive, just go and download the google chrome and enjoy the features.

How to check firefox version

First open the Mozilla firefox browser and click the left top corner firefox button then you will find the help option, click on it and go to About Firefox.

About Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a very fast and light weight open source web browser. It is completely free to download and use it. It was launched in 2004 Mozilla Firefox was the first competition browser to fight with Microsoft Internet Explorer’s browser. Now Mozilla Firefox has became one of the browser from top 3 most popular browsers globally. The extraordinary features that have made to keep Firefox at top level. It is very simple and has effective User Interface, browser loads very speed and high security options with many more features.

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